Thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is John Engle… I reside in Salida, Colorado.

I was born on the Misawa Air Force Base in Japan… yes I was an Air Force Brat.

Starting in the year 1999, I began assisting my stepfather in the building of websites for clientele in Colorado. Our family owned a Guest Ranch, and during the ‘off season’, I would assist him in creating pages using various graphic art designs. This introduction to the “world wide web” later turned into a new found interest.

Several years after selling the ranch, I took the knowledge I had learned from my stepfather, and combined it with long hours and hard work to create my very first website. After many months of trial and error the 700+ page site was complete, pictures and all! It was a rewarding experience, but now it is time to embark on my new knowledge and passion.

Over the past many years, through all of the trials and errors of website design and surfing the Internet, I learned the art of Blogging & Social Media Networking. With all this knowledge rattling in my brain, eager to break free, I decided to pass on my experience in the form of instructional Blogging tips.

Strap in tight for some in-depth, educational insider secrets to help YOU get more leads and increase Your site’s exposure.


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