Our Story – How We Got Started!

Fast Web Sites - SpeedRak.com

Every Company Started Somewhere…

* Apple – started in a garage

* Hewlett Packard – started in a rented garage

* Dell – started in an off-campus dorm room

* Facebook – started in an on-campus dorm room

* And, SpeedRak, well, we started in a basement!

Here’s a Little Background Information On the ‘Brains’ Behind Our Company…

SpeedRak founder, John E, an SEO expert, website designer and MLM entrepreneur, had been managing a leased VPS (Virtual Private Server) for his own websites for over four years. Though John’s websites were faster than most other websites in cyberspace, it just wasn’t making the grade in his book. Not being one to settle for less than the best, John decided to come up with his own unique solution.

After many months of hanging out in the basement planning and doing extensive research, he determined that our company would be different from the run of the mill… pile a bunch of websites onto a server… type of company.

OUR Mission…

We have a Vision to not only offer our customers the fastest, largest, and most advanced servers available in the marketplace with the caveat that we put a limit on the number of websites available through each of our selected server hosting plans. Our customers can be assured they won’t ever have to worry about our server starting out fast but, over time, begin slowing down like other hosting companies. No Internet-based speed bumps with this company!

OUR Commitment…

Not only can SpeedRak be the home for your website, but we have made a commitment to be known as the company that goes beyond the call of duty to help make your site among the fastest on the Internet. We will continually work to help improve your site speed and performance to increase your site’s traffic, and improve your rankings with Google.

We will be providing tips and tricks along with tutorials for optimizing your site’s performance. We will be sharing this information with you through blog posts, written in plain old English, without the technical jargon that makes it difficult to decifer.

As a SpeedRak customer, if you are not familiar with how to apply the performance enhancing information, we will be happy to help implement it to your site, FREE of CHARGE.

FINAL Thoughts…

With all of our touchstones in place, SpeedRak was born in 2017. Our Mission is simple… to provide blistering website loading speeds to anyone who desires it, at a reasonable cost.